Almost everything associated with moving is expensive. What you need to figure out is in which areas you can trim the costs and which areas you cannot. You must do a cost analysis when it comes to whether you should hire movers or whether you should rent a moving truck and then enlist the help of family or friends to help you. The answer to this is dependent upon the distance you are moving and the amount of time in which you have to relocate.

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If you decide to go with movers san diego then there are things you can do to minimize your costs. Some of these tips also apply if you rent your own moving van or truck.

Over time many of us accumulate a whole bunch of stuff. When you are preparing to move is a good time to lighten your load. Sort through your belongings and get rid of things you do not need or no longer want. Throw things in the trash that are broken or damaged. With what is left have a garage sale or sell at a flea market, give items away to family or friends or donate them to a charity. The more stuff the movers have to put into the truck the more that you will pay. The weight of your property is what makes it costly. The less weight that there is to move the less of a bill will you have to pay.

Moving companies have on and off seasons. June, July and August are the on season and for most moving businesses the other nine months of the year equal the off season. You will save money if you can move during the off season. The time of the month matters as well. You will be charged more if you wish to move at the first or the last of the month. If you have flexibility in terms of your move and can relocate for example during the middle of November then you will save yourself some money in the process.

If you can show some flexibility in the time of the day that the movers pick up your stuff at the location you are vacating and when they arrive at the new location then they might be willing to give you a break on the price. Find this out when you discuss price in the beginning before the contract has been signed.

Make sure that you are able to leave your old home on the same day that you can move into your new one. You do not want to have to pay for storage charges for your property. You want to be ready and waiting when the movers arrive with the truck at your old home and once they have the truck loaded you want to be able to go immediately to your new place without there being a time delay.