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Best Ancient Sites in Greece

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More than 5000 years of history has evidently left its footprints on the landscape of Greece. The country is home to several archaeological sites, landmarks, monuments and cities that have withstood the test of time. However, there are many others that fell into obscurity only to resurface later when they were unearthed by archaeologists in the last 200 years.

These sites and monuments stand testimony to the great cultural civilization and the ideas that not only influenced the country but also the whole of the western thought. Many visitors are drawn to the country to enjoy the sun and unearth the wealth of information that these sites have to offer. For the visitors who are planning a visit to Greece, here are some suggestions of ancient sites that they can visit.

The Acropolis (Athens): No matter how many photos you have seen, the sight of the Acropolis will take your breath away – especially when you see the lights change the colour of the marble of the building from rose to honey to deep red and white. And if the crowds there become a bit unnerving, just think of the number of people who came here in ancient times during religious ceremonies that were held here.

Nemea (Peloponnese): This beautiful site houses an impressively restored stadium and a museum. From here you can enjoy the views of the romantic Doric temple and see the three long-standing columns and several newly restored and re-erected ones.

Olympia (Peloponnese) & Delphi (Central Greece): Both these ancient cities are integral to the history and culture of Greece. Olympia, with its massive temples and shady groves of trees, is where the Olympic Games began. Delphi, set on mountain slopes overlooking olive trees and the sea, is famous for the Delphic Oracle. It is also one of the most beautiful ancient sites in Greece.

Palace of Knossos (Crete): The palace is famous for its frescoed walls and what seems to be an unending maze of rooms and levels, stairways and corridors. The story goes that King Minos ruled over the richest and most powerful of Minoan cities and that his daughter Ariadne helped Theseus kill the Minotaur in the labyrinth.

Delos (Cyclades): This tiny isle is located about 3.2km (2 miles) offshore of Mykonos. Delos was considered by the ancient Greeks to the spiritual centre of the Cyclades. Many considered it to be the holiest sanctuary in all of Greece. The extensive remains here testify to the island’s former splendour. From Mount Kinthos, you can see many of the Cyclades and on a clear day, the entire archipelago.

Greece has more ancient sites than can be covered in one visit. Come to the country once and you will be tempted to visit time and again. In fact, tourism remains one of the most important and resilient even in the current economic times. Private Greece villas are fast emerging as the most sought out accommodation options for those looking for a more personalized stay.

Employee Engagement Software: Six Causes of Disengaged Employees

Most people to work to earn a living, but that does not mean they are engaged with their work. Company leaders have long understood the link between engaged workers and a strong bottom line, but learning how to motivate workers, or determine how engaged they are, can be challenging. Consequently, many executives use executive consulting as a means to learn about employee engagement strategies.

Causes of Disengagement
Different work environments require different engagement strategies, but situations that make engagement difficult can happen at almost any company. Below are six common causes of employee disengagement:

Workplace not as Expected
Even before they receive a job interview, many people perform significant research on the companies they believe they would enjoy working for. During the research, they read information that portrays the companies in the best light possible-a light that the reality of working for the companies can dim.

Although everyone anticipates a discrepancy between how a company presents itself on its website and how it operates from within, if the discrepancy is too great, new hires will be motivated to leave.

Poor Match With Job
To expedite the hiring process, hiring managers often accept a candidate’s technical qualifications as proof of his or her readiness to handle the job. Overlooked is the fact that the person may lack the talent to be a good candidate for the job.

Employees who lack the ideal talent for a position rarely interpret this to be the cause of their dissatisfaction with the position, but they should not have to. The hiring process should evaluate the talent of prospective hires in addition to their credentials.

Not Enough Coaching
Because motivated employees value good coaching, coaching can play an integral role in employee engagement. The key is to coach early and often, and balance the coaching with praise. Motivated employees will respond to thoughtful coaching like plants to sunlight.

Not Enough Advancement Opportunities
Advancement opportunities represent two things: the opportunity to receive higher pay, and the opportunity to distinguish oneself by assuming more responsibility. They also inspire people to set goals and work hard to achieve them-a perfect situation for being engaged in one’s job.

At some companies, overwork is more of an expectation than a request. Working incessantly to reach career goals can be addictive for some, but for those who value personal time as much as work time, overwork can only end in burnout-the ultimate form of disengagement.

Lack of Recognition
At the end of the day, even humble workers desire recognition for their accomplishments. Without it, they can feel underappreciated and overlooked, especially if they have had a lengthy tenure with a company.

Employee engagement software must be more than attained; it must also be maintained. At most companies, employees start their job with a sense of dedication, but whether they remain dedicated is another matter. If your company experiences a high turnover of employees due to job dissatisfaction, receiving executive consulting that focuses on employee satisfaction can help resolve the issue.

Will Chiropractic Fishers Care Be Helpful In Preventing Lumbar Pain?

It is a fact that lower back pain is one of the most common health conditions that people experiences today. This can be due to stress, improper posture or repetitive movements at the work place. People will poor health will most likely develop lower back pain too as the body is weaker. People who do not exercise or engage in physical activities will experience lower back pain as the muscles and joints are not strong enough anymore.

The best type of treatment in preventing lumbar pain or lower back pain is chiropractic fishers care. It is non-surgical, natural, drug-free and a very effective treatment for back pain. Chiropractic treatment performs healing with the hands and this is nothing superstitious. Doctors of chiropractic practice manual therapy through using their hands in doing chiropractic adjustments. It is a skill that only chiropractor are knowledgeable and trained in. Through manual manipulations, the spine is re-aligned and the body heals itself.

In preventing lumbar pain, the chiropractor will perform chiropractic adjustments and mobilization to re-align the vertebrae. Short and quick movements characterize the adjustment. The gentle thrust will produce a cracking sound, which means that the adjustment is a success. Once the adjustment is done, there will be an increase range of motion in the back and the tissues and nerves will no longer be irritated and compressed. There are instances where the chiropractor will have to stretch the muscles and joints in the lower back to further improve the patient’s mobility.

Chiropractic care focuses mainly on the alignment of the spine because this field of medicine believes that any pain in the body is caused by the misalignment of the spine. There are different causes of misalignment such as wear and tear, wrong movement, over stretching, accident or injury. Even daily activities like walking, standing and sitting if done improperly leads to the misalignment of the spine.

What are the techniques and treatments in preventing lumbar pain? A chiropractor will use different techniques and treatments depending on the severity of your lower back pain. The initial consultation with a chiropractor will require an assessment of your medical history and physical evaluation. You will undergo a series of tests as this will help determine what treatment plan will suit you. The most basic treatment is chiropractic adjustment; treatment plans will always include this but the sequence may differ. Depending on the severity of inflammation and pain, the chiropractor may have to use some form of therapy first to reduce the swelling.

Aside from the spinal manipulation, the chiropractor will introduce some mobility treatments to increase the mobility in your pelvic area. Due to your lower back pain, your pelvic movement has become limited and restricted as to prevent the pain you are feeling. Mobility treatments will be very helpful in your mobility and flexibility. Ice or heat therapy is also helpful in reducing the inflammation of the muscles and joints. Massage therapies are often included in treatment plans too. In addition, chiropractor will help you in preventing lumbar pain in the future by introducing a healthier diet and exercise plan.

Ultimate List of Best Electric Scooters of all Time

best electric scooter 2019

This is the ultimate list of best electric scooters, the biggest list of all electric scooters to buy anywhere.

We took a lot of data from the Scooter Select website, so a big thank you to them, the site will help you find the best electric scooter for yourself to ride.

best electric scooter

Of course the best for one person will not be the best for another.

Here you will find the best electric scooter for adults, for kids and even for a teenager to ride.

You will not find a more complete list anywhere else that’s for sure.

Best Electric Scooters Ultimate List

Glion Dolly Electric Scooter

A good rule of thumb is to charge them at least once every few months (even if you are not using them). The frame of the URB-E is built using the strongest aircraft grade aluminum and carbon fiber. The frame is made from 6061-T6 aircraft-grade aluminum so it is designed to be lightweight yet incredibly durable. It has also been designed with front frame mounted seat post which provides rider with greater stability. It has a special texture to improve stability and reduce the likelihood of slips and falls. The twist throttle comes equipped with a special button for Turbo/Econo mode. This scooter comes with a high torque, chain driven motor that offers a maximum speed of 15 mph. It also comes with some cool features like a LED headlight to use while traveling at night. A 250 Watt scooter could easily be used in short distances, while for long range and steep slopes could need a more powerful scooter.

Speed 15 MPH; Range 15 Miles per charge; Charger and Pedestrian Bell now included. The scooter is foldable in just a few seconds and can be carried with the included storage bag. The Glion Dolly Foldable can stand vertically by itself. Running Glion Dolly Foldable is as quiet as a calm breeze, thanks to its chain/gear-free feature. And like that, you are off and running. The welds are thick and burly. The cushions are not too soft or are too hard it perfect for the long ride. The internal honeycomb interior structure cushions the ride and is maintenance free. The front light is bright enough to ride the scooter at night and the back reflectors make the scooter clearly visible to other vehicles which also ensures a safe and comfortable ride for you. The following are some considerations to keep in mind when scooter shopping asides from these, the intent of the scooter should be the top priority to choose a scooter. I really like these tires, they are eight inches, they are honeycomb never-flat tires.

Qiewa Q1Hummer

UberScoot 1600 Electric Scooter

Razor E200

Super Turbo Elite 36v Electric Scooter

GIGABYKE Groove 48V 750W Electric Moped

Razor RX200

Razor E300S

EcoReco M5 E-Scooter

Razor E100

Razor EcoSmart Metro

GOTRAX GXL Electric Scooter

Razor Pocket Mod Electric Scooter

Segway miniLITE

Razor Power Core E90 Electric Scooter

Swagtron Swagger Electric Scooter

Razor E300







Ninebot Segway ES 2

URB-E Black Label

Razor E125

Xiaomi Mi electric scooter

Speedway Mini 4 Pro

Cellot Carbon Fiber

Razor E325

UberScoot 1000w

Inmotion Lively Genesis Hornet

You will without doubt be able to find the best electric scooter among our huge list.

How To Charge an Electric Scooter

Along with the motor, batteries are very important in these electric models. There are some models that have built-in batteries, so you’ll plug the charger directly into the scooter. There are a lot of different companies out there that are making two wheel scooters – many of them coming from overseas in China. The scooter is IP55 waterproof and there suited for light rain. After verifying that the battery is charged, proceed to turn on the scooter. Even if you only ride the moped or scooter a few miles, you should place the battery on its charging pad. Bird’s data suggests that, in San Francisco at least, each of its electric scooters gets used an average of fives times per day with each ride averaging 1.5 miles. One charge can take you miles and miles before a recharge is required. You can choose 8 hours to 12 hours charging time Scooters for your convenience.

You may want to ask the seller how long the battery has been used, and was the battery given deep overnight charging sessions or merely short (one to two hours) charging sessions. Sometimes with excessive use the battery becomes weak and has to be replaced. Portable mobility scooters use a variety of tires, the most common being pneumatic (air-filled), foam filled (flat free) and solid rubber. Put back the rubber charging port cover and you are ready to go. I’ve written in the past about bikeshare systems and why I think they are an amazing form of what is essentially mass transit. Thomas has some great tips for how to get started, and whether this is the right side hustle for you (hint – if you live in a major city, it probably is). Thomas reaches the last bunch of scooters and scans them. Battery packs for mobility scooters come in a huge range beginning with 7 amp-hour battery packs for traveling mobility scooters, up to 110 aH for large capacity, long range vehicles. Again, this particular scooter and other electric mobility scooters aren’t for fun and recreational purposes. Though an electric scooters speed is less than the gasoline-powered scooter, it is safer than a gasoline-powered scooter.

How to Choose an Electric Scooter

There are so many makes and models available today that it can be hard to narrow down your choices and settle on the right one. Thats not all, today you get to own a scooter or wheelchair with the most advanced features in much lesser price. With traffic-jammed city streets and scarce parking, we could use ways to get cars off the road. This type of scooter gives more stability and ease of use as compared to a wheel chair. How often you need to charge the batteries will depend on how frequently and how much you use the chair. Choose the type of motorized scooter you need: Choose what you need it for. Discuss this with the manufacturer or supplier if it is something you need. The thickness of the magnets corresponds to the thickness of the iron core, measured in millimeters and denoted by the letter H. Our electric scooters use the branded engines of the large Chinese manufacturer Weite Motor.

Electronics pros have sufficiently more considerations before investing in a soldering iron. Each one of the two tweezers presents heated tips on slender arms which usually end users personally influence by softly squeezing against a gently resilient spring and coil, however, this kind of solder iron necessitates stable hand mastery. Consideration to these questions will ensure that the mobility scooter chosen is the best one for the individual rider. Noise free motor gives a quite ride to the rider. Smaller electric scooters may cost much less than bigger ones but be sure if that small scooter can provide a comfortable ride to the person who will use it. Otherwise, it will be a problem for you to ride the electric scooter if it is too wide for the available runway. Last but not least, electric skateboarding is gaining popularity among the wider community. Then again, that’s to be expected with electric motors and scooters.

High grade aluminum is a good material used in designing most scooters and besides being lightweight, it is also sturdy making the scooter durable. If transportation is not an issue and you don’t mind spending a few more dollars, the Pride Victory 10 is the best theme park scooter as it is it the most durable, comfortable, and has the longest battery life. Usually, a cheaper electric scooter does not have a long life and you have to replace it with another one, soon after purchasing. After years of improvement, the products do not have obvious defects. Choose those, and you will never have problems with a puncture. For the mobility impaired, online shopping will offer you the best deals, but not the benefit of a test drive a physical store can offer. To lessen the impacts further, some models can have a shock absorber on the front wheel as well.

It is a progressive disorder and those affected may not have insight into their illness. So, there is no doubt that the Electric Scooters have a bright future. IMC Heartway Rumba is one of such good quality electric wheelchair out there in the market. It has just one aim, but I think that is a big one. One good thing about Bird is that they’ll still pay you a reduced payout if you release a Bird that isn’t at a 100% charge. In other words, you can only release Bird scooters between 4 am and 5 pm. However, the law can vary from country to country, state to state. Ship modeling tends to be difficult for some ship modelers, however, if right guidelines are followed, the process becomes extremely simple and effective. However, safety is a major concern if you own a work van. Just about all soldering irons include an exchangeable tip attribute, but the tips, that are also called bits fluctuate in dimensions and then form to make available versatility for the consumer. If you do not, then you might find that there are some repercussions and could cause bodily harm.

Accounting and Bookkeeping With PayPal Integration

Starting a successful business is challenging states prospernoah. Entrepreneurs need to focus on their market offering, their competitive positioning, customer service and in addition maintain an eye on the (potentially less interesting) administrative tasks. These include bookkeeping – an area that serves to store up problems if it is not dynamically addressed as transactions flow.
Many 21st century businesses conduct a significant proportion of their transactions online. A significant number start life trading via online platforms such as eBay, often taking payment via PayPal. Indeed PayPal is also a prolific payment platform for online transactions conducted directly (i.e. not via eBay), and provides not only a convenient method of revenue receipt, but also for purchases. PayPal records details of the transaction, the buyer, the seller, the date and value of the transaction. Indeed, more often than not all of the information required to maintain effective bookkeeping.
The temptation is to commence using a simple Excel spreadsheet to record all items of expenditure, expenses and also sales. This has its merits, (e.g. low cost, highly customisable), but necessitates manual entry of information that is otherwise already electronically recorded by PayPal. Manual entry of PayPal transactions can actually avoided by electronically “lifting” the data from PayPal records by exporting (CSV) files from the PayPal account. The author’s own experience found that exporting bulk data over a period of more that a couple of months at a time often resulted in a crash and/or excessive waiting and/or retries on the PayPal site.
There are commercial solutions available that provide accounting/bookkeeping functionality with PayPal integration, although surprisingly we were surprised that few incorporated this functionality. One of the big names in small business accountancy does have an “add-on” that delivers such integration, though a web search indicates that many users find the package somewhat lacking with regard to an intuitive interface. some vendors will offer a free trial run of their software. There is clear merit in trying before you buy, though some free trials are rather crude demonstration platforms as opposed to a full product trial. Some solutions provide a full hosted service, and can therefore offer a genuine trial of the live software, allowing users to use their real transactional data.
A genuine intuitive user interface can draw users into full engagement with the free trial and can also integrate with the user’s PayPal account (granting read only access to transactions). Frankly a very clever move by the bookkeeping company as once a user invests the time in loading their bank and transaction data, the usefulness of the solution can become very apparent, (such that the user may be loathed to write off the investment in time).
Solutions that provide the most useful PayPal integration interrogate the PayPal account to solicit and record not only the gross sales but also the PayPal fees. A hosted service is accessed via secure username and password authentication and some providers provide the additional assurance of emailing a backup of accounts status every week. A hosed service also offers the benefit or access to accounts from any web enabled PC, or tablet device.
Utilising a professional bookkeeping/Accounts package can save a lot of time compared to manual bookkeeping and ensures that data is recorded in a manner that accountants are happy to receive. In particular, adoption of a “proper” accounts and bookkeeping system will certainly assist if the business grows and breaches the VAT threshold.
Whilst there are plenty of accounting packages out there, online business transacting significant trades through payment platforms such as PayPal need to accommodate gross versus net sales values and how to account for PayPal fees. A bookkeeping package with PayPal integration can save significant time and avoid manual entry of data that is otherwise already electronically recorded.

Tips on How to Boost Testosterone Levels Naturally – Trt San Diego

Trt San Diego Testosterone is the male sex hormone that is responsible for stamina, prevention of prostate cancer, bone density, among other life extending factors. However, too much of this hormone can affect the normal functioning of your body, and is even associated with male pattern baldness. Therefore, it is important for every man to have sufficient amount of testosterone. The following tips will help you to boost your testosterone levels:

Stress management according to Trt San Diego

Learn how to boost testosterone by learning how to manage stress. Stress is a great detractor when it comes to the functioning of your body. It interferes with your ability to synthesize testosterone and may even make you sexually inactive due to low levels of testosterone. It replaces your sexual drive with fatigue thus making it hard for you to perform in bed.
Stop drinking alcoholic beverages
Alcohol is one of the major killers of sexual drive. Though alcohol may stimulate you sexually, it drains your energy very fast. Heavy drinkers are unable to satisfy their partners in bed because they have low levels of testosterone. Learn how to boost testosterone by learning how to drink responsibly according to trt san diego. Switch from binge drinking to social drinking and you will experience the change.

Get foods rich in healthy fats
Omega 3 fats are rich in DHEA, which helps boost testosterone. Generally, all other fats that increase the level of HDL cholesterol are good for your body as they help generate more sex hormones. This is why avocados are considered among the healthiest fruits, though it is fatty. It has the capacity to boost your testosterone levels. Nuts and fish will not only increase the amount of testosterone in your body, but also boost your cardiac health.
Maintain a healthy weight
Overweight and obesity are attributed to many health conditions, and are even believed to be among the risk factors for impotence. Excessive weight leads to the overproduction of estrogen, the female sex hormone. This in turn leads to a reduced amount of testosterone, thus giving you more female attributes than you need.
Reduce your levels of estrogen and xenoestrogens
You need to reduce the amount of estrogen synthesized in your body in order to boost the production of testosterone. This can be done through dieting and by avoiding xenoestrogens, a compound responsible for the synthesis of estrogen. A high intake of raw cabbages and other vegetables in this family can help reduce your levels of testosterone. Foods rich in fiber and resveratrol can also help reduce the levels of estrogen and increase the levels of testosterone.
Get enough sleep
Everyone deserves sufficient sleep at night in order to function well. Your body requires to rest at the end of the day in order to prepare for work the following day, and to function optimally. Every morning, a healthy man should have a very high sexual drive and this is attributed to quality sleep at night. Try to get at least six hours of sleep every night so as to wake up with enough amount of testosterone.
Learn how to boost testosterone levels by taking the right supplements. Supplements such as Pro Testosterone contain the right ingredients to help you restore your sexual drive. If all other means have failed, you can always try this supplement for optimum results according to trt san diego.

For more information on testosterone replacement therapy see the TotalTClinic website here.

Read their reviews, click here

Telemedicine Services

The Future of Health Care – Telemedicine

Telemedicine services

Telemedicine Services -The term telemedicine is derived from the combination of a Greek word “Tele,” meaning “distance” and a Latin word “mederi” meaning “to heal”. Distance is a constraint for people living in remote areas to access timely, good-quality health care. Telemedicine attempts to overcome this constraint by bridging this gap between the patient and healthcare provider. The World Health Organization defines Telemedicine as, “The delivery of healthcare services, where distance is a critical factor, by all healthcare professionals using information and communication technologies for the exchange of valid information for diagnosis, treatment and prevention of disease and injuries, research and evaluation, and for the continuing education of healthcare providers, all in the interests of advancing the health of individuals and their communities”. For example a patient or a health care provider, or caregiver may use a wireless phone to automatically upload vital signs and send it to a remote monitoring center. Telemedicine was one of the initial technologies which improved the spread of healthcare services wherein areas that were considered inaccessible initially were also able to access healthcare facilities.

Benefits of Telemedicine Services

Telemedicine Services improves accessibility to health care facilities for the patient living in remote areas and allows physicians to reach out to patients and expand their services beyond their own clinic. Telemedicine reduces travelling time for both patient and the health care provider. It also decreases the number of hospital stays, allows for shared health professional staffing that translates into reduced health care cost. Along with the reduction in travel time it also reduces the stress related to traveling. It improves continuity of patient care as the patient, primary care physician, specialist and family members may be actively involved during a consultation.

Challenges of Telemedicine
Physicians may not be aware of the benefits or utility of telemedicine and may be resistant to use such e-medicine technologies. Building trust in patients about the outcome of these newer technologies is another challenge. Language may be a barrier in some countries. For example only 65.38% of India’s population is literate with only 2% being well-versed in English.
From the hospital perspective, implementation of telemedicine involves investment of high capital associated with the technology and communication and so this may become financially unfeasible. Telemedicine is supported by various types of software and hardware is still immature and needs to evolve.
Telemedicine is the answer to the question of solving the problem of inaccessibility to the healthcare facilities. With proper implementation it can serve multiple purposes along with the basic or specialized healthcare services. Recent advances in the field of information technology has improved the quality of the telemedicine services and also reduced the related costs to a great extent. However, concerns about safety of patient data, or becoming completely dependent on such services are being raised in relation to telemedicine. Nevertheless, judicious use of this health technology can save a lot more lives than before and reduce the healthcare costs to a great extent. Thank you for reading my article on telemedicine services.