best  whole house water filter
best whole house water filter

Removing chemical contaminants (including chlorine) from our home water is now easy to do, using the best of American technology. Two stage filters clean water, leave the good minerals like potassium and magnesium and then balance the acid/ alkaline pH factor to the best level for our bodies, hair and skin.
The EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) has an extremely long list of contaminants that are in the US water supply. They are attempting to regulate the ever-growing list. The contaminants are divided into the following categories:
Microorganisms – From fecal and animal waste, soil runoff.

Disinfectants and Disinfection Byproducts – Chlorine, etc. Chemical reaction of disinfection produces more chemicals.

Inorganic chemicals – Lead, arsenic, barium, cadmium, etc.

Organic chemicals – Herbicide runoff, discharge from dry cleaners and various types of factories.

Radionuclides – Erosion of natural deposits.
The complete list is available at the EPA website under drinking water contaminants.
Bathing water is just as important as drinking water. When you shower daily your skin and hair are absorbing the contaminants that have not been fully removed. Additionally, the skin and hair barriers are stripped of natural lipids (oils) making skin and hair dull and dry, when you are going for glowing and shiny. Sad to say, but dry skin and hair contribute to the look of premature aging. And no one wants that.
The best quality home water and shower filters are made in the USA to address the specific contaminants in our water. Sophisticated design make them appealing and practical. Easy installation is important to homeowners as well as to people who are renting and will want to take their filters with them to their next home.
Kitchen filters allow you to fill your own water bottles, saving money and knowing that you are drinking the healthiest water on earth. The filters come in contemporary finishes to match your kitchen decor. Your cooking may even taste better when you use thoroughly clean water!
The most efficient water and shower filters are built to last a lifetime. Naturally according to Healthybuddys, the have been recognized as a “Best Buy” form Consumer’s Digest. The dirty filters are easily recycled and you can schedule to have fresh filters delivered automatically.
Many of our environmental problems are difficult to solve, especially by ourselves. Fortunately, the healthiest water on earth is within your grasp and will contribute to your good health. The cosmetic benefits to skin and hair are always appreciated, too.