What is The ASVAB Test?

The ASVAB test, also known as the Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery (ASVAB). The ASVAB is a timed, two and a half hour multi-aptitude test developed and administer by the Department of Defense. Most military recruits generally take their ASVAB test at military entrance processing stations, also known as MEPS nationwide. The ASVAB test consists of eight individual sections and each section is tested separately. Your total ASVAB score will be determined by adding up the scores of each individual section, to get a final score. Scoring a high score on the ASVAB will increase your chances of getting a better occupational specialty job in the military, as well as, receiving a lucrative enlistment bonus. In other words, the better you do on your ASVAB test, the more money you can potentially receive.

Does My ASVAB Test Score Determine Which Occupational Specialty Job I Qualify For?

Your overall ASVAB test score results are the determining factors for they type of military job qualification you fall under.  Each branch of the military has a different minuimum score requirement in order to qualify for different speciality job. There are many different ASVAB test score requirements for military job positions and depend on the branch of military you wish to enlist in. Make sure you study hard and take as many ASVAB practice quizzes and ASVAB practice tests as you can. Nobody wants to be that guy or gal that received a low ASVAB score and get stuck in a job that makes you miserable.

Should I Take an ASVAB Practice Quiz Online?

Due to the importance of the ASVAB test, all potential military recruits should take as many practice test, and ASVAB practice quizzes as they can before attempting to take the real ASVAB test. Start off by studying for the ASVAB test by taking a free ASVAB practice quiz online. This will give you a better understanding of your ASVAB test strengths & weaknesses.

Where Can I Take a Free ASVAB Practice Quiz?

While there are many resources available for the ASVAB test, one of the more popular websites which provide a free computerized ASVAB practice quiz for all eight individualized subset of the ASVAB, is http://asvabpracticequiz.com/. ASVAB practice quiz is one of the best ASVAB resources which provide a free computerized.

Can ASVAB Study Guides Help Increase my overall ASVAB Score?

Absolutely! Creating a solid study regime can help improve and brush up in the test areas that your are struggling in and boost your overall ASVAB score. While, there are a ton of ASVAB practice guides, ASVAB books, and other resources available, using ASVAB study guides, can tremendously help you understand because many ASVAB study guides provide explanation for incorrect answers. Understanding why you got a question wrong will better prepare you when you are faced with a similar questions. There are also free downloadable ASVAB PDFs and ASVAB Practice Tests online available for prospective military recruits.


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